On-site Business Computer Repairs & Support

Need an IT Tech on-site to quickly resolve computer, network, or virus issues? SupportClub is just a phone call away. We can resolve common PC or Mac issues to complex Server and Networking problems. If you can’t afford to be down then you can’t afford to be without SupportClub

On-Demand On-Site Services

  • Laptop & Computer Repair

    On-site and In Person, we can help your business with PC, Mac,  or Laptop issues you might be having. We provide fast, friendly, and professional techs to help your small business stay up and running.

  • Networking

    No Internet? Network Down? If they are down, chances are your business is down! Our skilled and experienced technicians will help troubleshoot and repair just about any network issue.

  • Minimize Downtime

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. SupportClub.com will be there to upgrade your servers, PCs, Macs, and network.

  • Maximize Security

    SupportClub.com takes security seriously. Our job is to create a robust defense against hackers and cybercriminals. Cyber attacks and crypto-lock malware are on the rise causing devastating data and financial loss.

Currently serving West Palm Beach south to Delray Beach. More locations coming soon.

How It Works


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  • Let’s Talk

    We’ll chat about your business, how you use technology, and what you want to get out of IT.

  • Choose Your Plan

    If we’re the right fit, you’ll choose the IT service agreement that works best for your organization.

  • Start Your IT Experience

    Within days, you’ll be experiencing IT like never before.