PC/Mac Repairs and Upgrades in West Palm Beach

Local Computer and Tech Professionals in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. We’re here to support our locals, home or business. Let us show you what affordable, reliable, and trustworthy Computer Repair Services look like.

Our Laptop & PC/Mac Repair Services

So your computer applications are running slow, it’s broken and now you’re desperately looking for help. Relax and call SupportClub.com. Our Support Engineers are at your service for all PC/Mac repairs and upgrades.

Start-up issues: Does your computer or laptop take forever to start up? Our techs will diagnose the problem and have you up and running faster in no time.

Operating System acting slow or Funny? Ask about our operating system optimization services.

Screen repair: There’s nothing more terrifying than breaking your laptop screen! It’s not as bad as it looks. Bring it in and our Techs will make it good as new!

Virus & spyware removal: “Oops, I shouldn’t have clicked on that link! Too late!” You accidentally downloaded a virus on your desktop. Everyone’s done it, so don’t feel bad. Just bring it in and our skilled techs will get you virus free and protected in no time.

Hard Drive Replacement: More than likely your hard drive is going to die one day. Don’t worry, we can replace it with a new faster hard drive and have you back in business. In most cases we’ll even be able to recover the data and copy it to your new hard drive. Speaking of Faster, if don’t have an SSD (solid-state drive) you’re literally “spinning your wheels (platter)”. We can make your computer run much faster by replacing your current hard drive with a much faster SSD.

Battery replacement: Are you constantly searching for a plug? Batteries don’t last forever. Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to get more than 30 minutes out of your battery. Bring your laptop to us and our techs will install a new battery and you can cut the cord! (don’t actually cut it!)

Mac repair

Currently serving West Palm Beach south to Delray Beach. More locations coming soon.